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JSViz 0.3.3 Released

JSViz 0.3.3 is now available. This release includes two major features:

Snowflake Model is an updated implementation of the "Tree Model" offered in JSViz 0.2. This is a geometric model, offering superior speed to Force Directed layouts, but only capable of representing hierarchical data (sorry, no circuits).

An Example Snowflake Graph

Layouts offer a simplified interface to the core JSViz libraries. New projects can now be created with minimal code and simple configuration. Additional examples, using Layouts:

An Example Force Directed Graph with Data Loader
An Example Force Directed Graph with Randomly Generated Data

You can download the full source as a single ZIP archive or browse individual files on the Download page

I'll follow up with tutorials shortly.


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Great work! I can't wait to try this out!

Quality is never an accident; it is definitely the result of huge plan, sincere effort, intelligent direction and competent execution; it provides the wise number of many solutions.

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