Everybody wants tooltips

I get lot's of e-mails from JSViz users that want to know how to integrate tooltips into their graphs. Up until now, my responses have been something like this:

Yeah, that's super easy and everyone is always asking. I'll work up an example as soon as I have moment.

So I had a moment and here it is:

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Tutorial: Building a Snowflake Graph from XML

JSViz 0.3.3 includes a few examples to help you get started. In this tutorial, I'm going to go over one of them. We'll create a Snowflake Graph from the contents of an XML file. You can find the example source, with comments based on this tutorial in the 0.3.3 Distribution.

Here's the final product

1) Start with a new HTML file

Add appropriate JSViz imports and an empty "init()" function body:

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