JSViz 0.3.3 Patch #2

Howdy friends, I've just uploaded another patch to 0.3.3. This patch covers some issues from the discussion board:

Improved SVG Rendering Performance

See the discussion here. No interface changes were required.

Added configurations for "type-driven" Force Directed Graph attributes

See discussion here. The constants used by ForceDirectedLayout.js have been removed in favor of a default configuration.

See comments and code in Example Force Directed Graph for more details. I don't currently have a good example of directed edge configurations (If you make one, I'd love to use it!).

Modified HTMLGraphView to place graph in contained

Until now, containers were used to help dictate graph placement, but HTML elements in graphs were rendered in the document.body. This made it difficult to use relatively positioned containers, and impossible to assert that if your graph exceeds the bounds, it doesn't overlap other content. No interface changes were required for this update.

Example #1: Our Snowflake Graph in a containing DIV
Example #2: Our Snowflake Graph in a relative-positioned containing DIV, with hidden overflow

There are a handful of other feature requests on the code site. I'm not sure which of these will make it into 0.3.3, but I'm expecting to do one more patch before 0.3.4.

Ideas, contributions, and comments are always welcome. The discussion board is the best place for feedback and help.

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