New Project Tools

So if you've visited the website recently, you've probably noticed that we're now using some new tools to manage the project.

We've set up issue tracking and migrated the documentation wiki over to Google Code. Join up and you can submit issues and contribute to the documentation effort.

We've also created a discussion group on Google Groups. This is a good place to make feature requests, share your ideas and observations, and tell us about your projects.

This is all part of an effort to help JSViz users contribute to the project. Over the past months, user suggestions and code contributions have been a great asset. A number of users are currently working on contributions and projects that compliment JSViz and I'm eager to see these released. To date, the discussion has taken place in isolation, via e-mail or in my kitchen. While this has it's place, I think the project will benefit from more open conversation. So have at it! Let us know what you think!

JSViz 0.3.3 Patched ... and License Change

I've just posted a patch to the 0.3.3 release that includes some bug fixes. See the change log for details.

Oh! I almost forgot. We've migrated to the Apache 2.0 License. This should be functionally identical to the Creative Commons Attribution License that we've used in the past. The reason for the change is that Creative Commons license isn't intended for software -- Though it sure would be convenient if we could cover blog content and software with one license. In any event, we wanted to use a license that enables developers to comfortably integrate and distribute JSViz with their projects. I think the Apache license hits the mark.

Tutorial: Building a Snowflake Graph from XML

JSViz 0.3.3 includes a few examples to help you get started. In this tutorial, I'm going to go over one of them. We'll create a Snowflake Graph from the contents of an XML file. You can find the example source, with comments based on this tutorial in the 0.3.3 Distribution.

Here's the final product

1) Start with a new HTML file

Add appropriate JSViz imports and an empty "init()" function body:

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