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Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new official home of JSViz. I've put together this website to better facilitate collaboration as this project moves forward.

While things are a little sparse at the moment, in time you'll find:

  • documentation
  • answers to frequent questions
  • opportunities to request and comment on new features
  • bug submission and tracking
  • the latest downloads
  • and resources for contributing to the JSViz project

Everything on the site is read/write. Feel free to comment and edit whenever you can. Thanks, and have fun!

Kyle Scholz


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your scripts are quite amazing. i am currently a graduate architecture student working on my thesis. the projects (like all architecture) is about the use of space, more specifically the reprogramming of space in the public realm for true public uses.

i would love to use your script to construct a 3-d matrix, similar to your snowflake graph, but where the offshoots from the primary nodes connect back to other primary nodes. the content of the graph would show a relationship map of:

1. types of space (ie. social space, psychological space, cognitive, political, virtual, etc..)

2. the requirements and qualities of these spaces

3. theorists/philosophers and their main thoughts on dealing with these topics

4 some case studies i have conducted and their correllation to the above.

i'm completely new to scripting, but am pretty confident that with a little help i can figure it out. i also have a 2006 copy of stylus studio. can i use that to edit your script?

thanks for your help,

Aaron, Sounds neat! I'm not familiar with Stylus Studio, but I *think* you can use it to create XML data sets for JSViz to model. The latest release of JSViz is designed to require minimal coding to produce new graphs, so you should be able to use a text editor to get rolling. I use Aptana for most of my JavaScript work.

It sound like you've got a neat project. Feel free to post your technical questions to the JSViz Discussion Board to get feedback from me and the rest of the JSViz community. Thanks!

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