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Announcing svg2vml

In the process of integrating vector graphics into JSViz, we developed svg2vml, a library that provides a common interface for scripting vector graphics in browsers that support either SVG or VML. To use svg2vml you simply script your vector graphics using SVG syntax, and when your page is viewed in a browser that supports VML instead of SVG the library maps the SVG API calls to VML. You get vector support in multiple browsers without having to script to different implementations. The currently supported features are circle, ellipse, rectangle, line, and gradient.

The library lives in the Google Code project hosting site at There you will find a wiki with examples for using the currently supported features, and a project roadmap that lists future development plans. If you have any questions, or comments, or would like to contribute to the project you can email us (see project site for contact info).


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In case you were wondering, we'll put up a JSViz integration demo shortly (it's ridiculously simple!)

Looking forward to the demo, I've been trying to integrate the two on my own, but I keep running into problems. I'm sure that I'm just missing something....

Stunning work!
Will it be possible to create a SVG based VML editor from this. What I meen by this is that it would be stunning if you can save the VML DOM tree once it has been converted from SVG and so be able to create VML icons and such permanently, and then tweaking them by hand.
Best regards,

I agree with everything you posted in this blog, I'm a loyal follower so please keep updating so frequently.

While it's definitely important to have a secure host, security starts with the end user. If one uses weak passwords, then they could be hosted at Fort Knox, and it wouldn't matter.

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